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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1st Grade Reading

I have a daughter who will be going into 1st grade next year and I am wondering how I would use your program to fulfill any of the language arts curriculum for her. Is this a complete reading program? 
Thank you,
Bethann B.

Dear Bethann,

We do not provide actual phonics or spelling. As first and second graders begin to read, they may do the guides in written format, or out loud as discussion guides. You may have them read or you may do it together as a read-a-loud or book circle. Progeny Press study guides for the elementary grades are meant to enrich their beginning reading experience by helping them focus on comprehension and making connections. We also help them see basic biblical truths in what they read. 

Our guides are meant to be used with real living picture books for 1st graders that will help them fall in love with reading and stories. All our titles are carefully chosen to encourage and inspire young children to grow, be hard working, thoughtful, brave, and loving. The guides also include vocabulary, and many hands-on projects and tie-ins for enrichment.

I would suggest that you have a basic spelling book/program, a fun phonics book/program to teach the mechanics of reading, and then the rest of the time, just read. Read aloud, go to the library, and only do one-to-three study guides per year for a 1st grader. I like to see them read lots of books and only study a few. Keep this wonderful and fun and let them learn to love what they read!!

A nice pace in the study guides is to read the book together the first week, do a project, and then only work on one or two pages per week until the guide is done. This will require going back to the book and using it as a teaching text. It allows you, as the teacher, an opportunity to have them re-read something and understand it deeper, and to practice their early beginning writing skills. Meanwhile, you will be enjoying and just reading other stories to learn to love books.

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  1. I have 7 children and my oldest are in 11th(girl) and 9th(boy) grade. My older brother is somewhat of a literature genius and he has read and studied more works than I can name! He helped me to put together a book/study list for 9th - 12th grade and most of the books he included on the list have a study guide. However, he did include three books - Animal Farm, A Brave New World, and 1984 by George Orwell. None of those 3 have study guides and I was wondering if any of those are going to have book studies soon?


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