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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Assigning High School Credits for Progeny Press Study Guides

I would like to know how to assign high school credits to each Progeny Press Study Guide for Literature.

Thank you,

Dear Christine,

Assigning and transcripting high school literature credits is a simple process.  (Really!)

The simple answer is that for high school credits, most Christian high schools to whom we have spoken have assigned a value of one-fourth year credit to each study guide, and this also seems to be acceptable to colleges assessing homeschool transcripts.

In high school, most students do 4 years of high school level literature/writing. Usually, one year of American Literature, one year of British Literature, and then two years of electives, such as Shakespeare, poetry, World Literature, Christian authors, etc...
I recommend going online and looking over some of the application requirements from some of the colleges you and your student may consider for in the future. The different colleges may have specific requirements, depending upon what degree your student decides to pursue. Here is a link to one of these pages for a large high level state university as an example:

As stated earlier, each of our high school guides is considered 1/4 of a year of high school literature. If you also do one of the assigned essays each quarter, this also includes your writing/exposition requirements. Most people do British and American Literature the first two years, and World Literature and Shakespeare and poetry the third year.

You can choose to simply transcript your Literature as Freshman English, Sophomore English, Junior English, and Senior English, but how much better it looks on the transcript when it says:
American Literature 1 credit; British Literature 1 credit; World Literature 1/2 credit; Shakespeare 1/2 credit; Poetry: Forms and Elements 1/4 credit; African American authors 1/4 credit; Women authors 1/4 credit; Minority Literature 1/4 credit.

Remember, if you use some of the upcoming Flash Guides, which are smaller and meant to only take one-to-two weeks, they are a supplement to your overall literature program, and should not be used to completely substitute for the in-depth study of the full guides or other full literature program. I would recommend using them to study the extra books your student reads throughout the year, to round out your literature program. 

If you ever have difficulty deciding what Literature fits in which category, please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a blessed second semester!

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  1. This was so helpful. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your insights into high school credits and transcripts. I have a daughter that will be a freshman in another year. This information takes the pressure off of what needs to be done in the arena of literature. Blessings to you and THANK YOU!


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