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Monday, December 30, 2013

Grading a Progeny Guide - Basic Grading with a Rubric

On Sep 15, XXXX, Peggy Rose wrote:

Hi Rebecca,
I'm a bit confused on how to use the Progeny Press Rubric.  Do I use this to grade the whole study guide or for each question?
Because....Not every question has a "writing skill/essay assignment" or Literary techniques, forms, terms & usage.
Do I give a score for each question as well as use this for the whole guide?

For literary are referring to techniques being introduce/taught in the study guide?
I've never used a Rubric before so I'm clarifying here.

Dear Peggy,

I prefer to grade sections. So first I grade the subsections of a section. I will grade the vocab questions of section ch. 1-3, then the questions, then the "think" questions with its literary study, then the dig deeper. I also will grade any extra writing they did. Then the complete ch 1-3 section is given an overall grade based on how well I felt each type of question was answered. For literary techniques, we are usually referring to those taught in the guide, but if they use or point out others, that's great and should be acknowledged! Remember, in the end, much of grading is a bit subjective. Try to be objective and fair and then just be confident in your opinion of their work. It's never an exact science, and we all do our best.

If there are no essay or creative writing assignments in that part of the guide, you can modify the grading by using four of the five scoring sections.

Here is the regular grading rubric scoring and the modified rubric scoring;
SCORING TABLE for 5 skills scored     35-40 A/A+; 25-34 B/B+; 15-24 C/C+; 10-14 D; UNDER 10 D-/F
(Or, If you leave out Writing skill - Essay Assignments or Creative Writing).
SCORING TABLE for 4 skills scored  27-32 A/A+; 20-26 B/B+; 12-19 C/C+; 8-11 D; UNDER 8 D-/F
Hope this helps, and have a truly great school year!
God Bless!

Here is the Progeny Press Rubric!

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