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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

History and Literature Together

Dear Rebecca,

I'm a homeschooling mom of 2 and just found your guides. I like to do literature based unit studies and have used several different curriculums to do so. I prefer to study literature and history together, following a historical timeline. We are up to the American Revolution in American history. Would you guides help me to continue down this path or is it in your experience, impractical to do this? (The history part, I mean) My kids are boy, 6, reading at a 2nd grade level and girl, 9, reading at a 5th grade level. (Each always able to be found with book in hand!) Sam the Minuteman seems a good place to start if you think I can use it with both. I'd very much appreciate your advice as I am trying to plan our curriculum for the fall.



Dear Chris,

It is not impractical to study history and literature together.
I did it all the way through with my daughter, now entering college, and I will do so with all the younger children all the way through also. It creates much richer layers of learning as their imagination catches fire for each period in history.

Since your children are 6 and 9, Sam the Minuteman would be a great place to start. Although the book will be easier for her to read, the guide will be a great first guide for her. Ox-Cart Man is also set in the late 1700's, although it does not mention the war. It might be a nice book to read or study next year.

Another book that would be a good companion to Sam the Minuteman is George the Drummer Boy, also by Nathaniel Benchley. This is the companion book for Sam, written from the British point of view. We do not have a study guide for it, but it would be a great read. There are many great books on George Washington and other historical figures from the Revolutionary War (try titles by Dave Adler, Jean Fritz, and Quackenbush), also Paul Revere's Ride by Ted Rand.

As you move on through history, check our guides' descriptions. Each description will include the year/time period and location/setting of the book.

If I can help at all, just write again. I can give you more titles if you'd like. Good luck on the coming year!



  1. I am a homeschool mom of two kids 8 and 9 years.I have been homeschooling my kids since 5 years.
    I want to get Language Arts grade 3 and onwards to select reading books for each grade?How I could test their understanding of stories/novels as I am a non native speaker?I need easy study guides to use for all Lng. Arts components.I want to see the sample pages of guide (grade 1-3).Does it has comprehension,vocabulary,spelling and writing exercices with answer keys for parents?
    What is the price of study guides in book format and e-mail format?
    How many novels study guide should be done from grade 2,3 and 4?

    Hope you will clear me
    Waiting for your prompt reply.

  2. Great question. Please see my March 5th, 2012 blog post for the answers!


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